Making better decisions with Unconscious Bias Training

We process 95% of all impressions in the brain unconsciously. This protects us from sensory overload. But it also leads to prejudiced decisions - for example, when you hire or promote a new employee or form project teams. Unconscious prejudice is a brake on justice. In organisations and also in society as a whole, because they are linked to hierarchies and privileges.

Unconscious Bias Training

Unlearn unconscious prejudices and live diversity

In our Unconscious Bias Trainings you learn what diversity actually means for you personally. How your social identities, privileges and unconscious biases affect you. You'll learn more about the mechanisms that resonate within us when we interact with people. You'll come to understand forms of discrimination and power dynamics. And you'll know what you can do about it. We can't turn off biases - but we can get better at recognizing them.

After an Unconscious Bias Training you know

what diversity is, how unconscious biases arise cognitively, what function they serve. And why we should start with ourselves if we want more justice.

How you can use self-reflection and a change of perspective to create a more prejudice-free and discrimination-sensitive work environment in which people feel included and safe.

Which effective tools you can use to get your team to act immediately and what else is important beyond individual trainings

Make more opportunity-aware, bias-aware decisions

Management event or focus on personnel decisions and inclusive hiring? Large scale or small team? We will find a format. Floria Moghimi D&I Consulting stands for individual learning concepts that are perfectly aligned with your D&I strategy and your team. And we speak English and German.

Paula Führer, smiling and wearing an orange blouse

Paula Führer

Freelance Trainer & Facilitator


Paula's focus is on anti-discrimination, social justice, diversity awareness, solidarity/accompliceship and working with white people in a way that is critical of racism. It is important for Paula to work holistically: She acts in a process-oriented, appreciative, decelerated and mindful way. Artistic-creative methods that bring our embodied knowledge and our feelings into play make the workshops versatile, varied and appeal to different types of learners.

Selena Dolderer, smiling with tied up hair and black blouse

Selena Dolderer

Freelance trainer & psychologist


Selena's expertise is in the field of unconscious bias, inclusive recruitment, inclusive teams and change agent support. She specialises in HR processes, working in the film, media and television industry, and lectures at German and Dutch universities.

Selena attaches importance to recognising personal room for manoeuvre in order to create self-determined, inclusive change in the team and processes. In training sessions, it is important for her to work in an appreciative way and to include the personal experiences and strengths of the participants.

"I really liked the setup of the workshop and the way of making us reflecting. Floria gave us some good starting points for fighting against biases and I now have a better idea how to improve on these fields."

Aaron Winn, Head of Technology Immobilienscout24

Eversheds Sutherland
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We get to know each other and clarify your goals. In the process, we talk about a training format that suits you.

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