Are you looking for a diversity speaker?

As a speaker on diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and unconscious bias, I love to skilfully inspire large audiences to think and change their perspectives. I have spoken at various international and national conferences and given numerous in-house keynotes.

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"Floria made sure at our Diversity Day that we as an organisation started talking about diversity and our ideas about it."

Dr. Dietmar Schiller, Head of the rbb Diversity Team

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You want an impulse lecture, e.g. how unconscious biases influence our decisions? An inspiring keynote about Allyship for your team event? Or a panel discussion for a theme day or digital conference?

Together we find the right format and topic. For my appearances as a speaker, the agency minds+matches represents me. Juliane Seyhan will be happy to answer your initial questions. Here are a few examples of previous diversity keynotes and presentations:

Being an ally

The three biggest diversity & inclusion myths

How unconscious biases influence our decisions

Intersectionality to Fight Injustice in the Workplace

Why Inclusion is about the I

A diversity talk as individual as your organisation

A well-placed lecture on diversity, inclusion and intersectionality or an inspiring panel discussion on unconscious bias can be the first step of your own D&I journey. The necessary impulse to get into action. My speaker agency minds+matches will be happy to advise you on proven formats and your organisational questions.

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Looking for an impulse for your team?

Would you like to invite me to speak on Diversity & Inclusion at your internal academy, staff event, panel discussion or conference? Let's talk about it. Juliane Seyhan from my speaker agency minds+matches will be happy to support you with your initial questions.

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You need other support?

Unconscious Bias Training

For a new look at unconscious prejudices.

Diversity Audit & Assessment

The best start to your diversity work.

Diversity strategy

A holistic Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.