A diversity strategy for the big picture.

A diversity strategy for real change in your teams? Collaboratively, individually and with innovative frameworks, we develop a plan for diversity & inclusion. Together we identify effective measures for diversity, equal opportunities and psychological safety in your team.

Strategy work in the team

Ready for the next step.

At the beginning, we look together at where you are and where you want to go. Do you already have an internal diversity community and want to take the next step? Are you planning to anchor Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your company and need a plan on what to do next? And do you want it to be data-based, with results that can be implemented immediately? Then arrange a personal initial meeting now.

Work with us on a diversity strategy if you

you want to finally get started, intersectionality is important to you, but you don't know exactly how and what to start with.

you need a concept tailored to you and your team's needs.

want to see measurable results - based on quantitative and qualitative data collected individually.

"The major benefit Floria offered us was being able to quickly act on developing our D&I training program with insight from across our organisation."

Sarah Cordivano, former Senior Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Zalando

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Request a preliminary discussion for your diversity strategy now.

We get to know each other and clarify your goals. Together we will find out what the next steps are.

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You need other support?

Diversity Speaker & Keynote

My impulse for your team.

Unconcious Bias Training

For a new look at unconscious prejudices.

Diversity Audit & Assessment

The best start to your diversity work.

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