Unconscious Bias Examples

Five examples of unconscious bias from everyday working life

People always see the world through the lens of their own identity. This lens is shaped by cognitive thought patterns that affect judgement: these are the Unconscious Biases. They are considered one of the big barriers to Diversity & Inclusion strategies. That's why I'll explain how you can make fairer and better decisions on the job with five examples of unconscious biases.

Diverse team

When is it a diverse team?

The other day, a phrase in a job advertisement particularly caught my eye. In the last paragraph they emphasised that they were very interested in applications from diverse candidates. That's where I got stuck. Because: what is a diverse candidate anyway? Does that imply that there are non-diverse applicants and if so, what do they look like - far beyond the...

Diversity in meetings

Four tips for diversity in meetings

Meeting. Immediately, many different images probably pop into your head when you hear this word. From unproductive time-killing in stuffy rooms, to a short team update while standing up, to really result-oriented working together - the range is diverse and you have certainly experienced both the one and the other variants. But do you...

Why Diversity is for Chief Financial Officers

More and more companies are making use of diversity strategies. Many tech companies such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google and Slack have been focusing on the concept in their corporate strategies for several years. But what are the financial benefits? Slack: Setting an example The example of Slack: The web-based instant messaging service from San Francisco has focused its hiring policy on people...